Band/Music Resources:

Books you will need:
6th grade - Traditions of Excellence (book 1)
7th grade - Traditions of Excellence book 1 (for review) and book 2 (blue)
8th grade - Tradition of Excellence book 2, Tradition of Excellence Technique and Musicianship (yellow)

Other items you will need for band:
  • New This Year! - a 3 ring binder to organize music/worksheets
  • pencil
  • instrument supplies (reeds, oil, swabs, etc)
  • black pants, shirt, socks and shoes for concerts
  • orange tie (jazz band only - Ms. Daigle will order - $8)

Like last year, there is a $75 yearly rental fee to use the school instruments, including percussion. New this year is a $10 charge for any instrument returned missing the school issued barcode. If the barcode starts peeling, please let Ms. Daigle know as soon as possible so we can resticker it. This fee,along with the Rock-A-Thon (our 1 fundraiser) repairs and replaces our school horns, along with buying classroom supplies, music and scholarships. If there is a money problem, please contact me so we can set up a payment plan or make other arrangements.

Need extra help? Check out the following resources! Please let me know if any of these links no longer work, or if you know of a site that should be added.

Local Music Ensembles

Fun Stuff for Band Geeks

Rentals, Reeds, Music, Repairs

Music Camps, Lessons, Etc
  • Lessons - see Ms. Daigle for the most current list of local teachers